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Thread: Tikka in .300 WM or .300 WSM??

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    Default Tikka in .300 WM or .300 WSM??

    Alright so you guys might be convincing me to just go ahead and buy another gun and just keep the .338 Ruger I have. I am looking for a lightweight sheep gun at a reasonable price and Tikka seems to be the ticket as far as that goes. Do you think a .300 WM or .300 WSM would be a better caliber for sheep? I had a Rem. Model 7 .308 as a sheep gun, but it was my wife to be. I know its pretty bad, not even married yet and she's already laying claim to my guns. YIKES!!!!! Oh well I guess I'll keep her. Seems it she's a good one since it was her idea to spend Valentines out at Maclaren lodge rather than going to a fancy restaurant in Anch. Who am I to argue.

    Anyways, back to the subject. Which caliber do you feel would be a better round for sheep (& bear for the just in case I see I'd like to take not for protection)?

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    Although offered in a bunch of sized calibers, all T-3 actions are long action sized. So... get what ever floats your boat, but as I understand it the chief real world advantage to any of the short mags is being able to carry the same firepower in a more compact package. In the Tikka they will be the same size. Given this, my choice was the 300WM.

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    I'm with Dave. In something as big as the T-3, go ahead and get the WM. The WSM creates the opportunity to go for a smaller, lighter rifle with little ballistic penalty. If you want small and light, get the WSM in something else. If you want more oomph and don't mind something bigger, get the T-3 in WM.

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    Default 300 Wsm

    300 WSM, short action is the way to go, and flatter shooting( IMO) look at ammo and look at the technical specs, I would go with a 300 WSM in a Kimber Montana...Without Question!

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    Default WSM for the Mountains...

    Well I don't think the WSM is flattter shooting than the 300 WM, given equal bullet weight but...the concept of the WSM's is to contain it in a generally lighter weight package for climbing sheep mountains, with the approximate ballistics of the well established Win Mag. I don't think the 300 WSM is the equal of the older caliber but it can be had in a very portable package with more than enough fire power for sheep. The added benifit of the WSM in it's lighter package is recoil will be less than if we put the 300 WM in the same weight rifle.
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    I have a wsm in a sako and i love it but if it was not for the short action i would go with a WM. Tons more ammo choices and will shoot 200-220 grain better. The only reason I see to go with the WSM is to get a lighter weight gun.

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    Default efficiency

    I have a Tikka 300 wsm and bought it w/o knowing that it had a standard length action, bummer. I still love the rifle, shoots many loads very accuratley, lot's of nice features.

    But, from my research, I thought one of the big advantages (selling points) of the short magnum cartridge is that it's performance is basically identical to the 300 wm but the wsm achieves that performance with less powder, i.e, a more efficient cartridge design. If I recall they said the shorter fatter cartridge is also inheritantly more accurate because of the way it burns the powder. I took the "bait" and bought one, no regrets here.

    Truthfully, had I realized the Tikka wsm had a long action I might have went with a 300 wm for the option of shooting larger grain bullets. But, the 300 wm might not shoot as nicely (accuratley) as my wsm?????? I will likely never know or really care at this point.

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    Thumbs up

    I would go with the 300 WM every time, especially when considering the Tikka. I faced this question when the WSM first came out. I'm glad I stuck with the time proven 300 win mag.

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    YIKES! You scared me there for a second when you said it was stolen...heck I tried to steal that gun a few times!

    Quote Originally Posted by kahahawai View Post
    300 WSM in a Kimber Montana...Without Question!
    Ka-Ching!! Man I just cant spend over a grand on a rifle when it really doesnt get me that much more than a gun for ~600 bucks.

    Sheep Man shoots a 300 WM for sheep and goat and cant say enough good about it. Todd, the whitetail freak at work, got one also and loves it...


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