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Thread: Booking Alaska fishing trip need help!

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    Default Booking Alaska fishing trip need help!

    I am looking to book a Alaskan fishing trip soon for the next coming year June or July 2009. I was looking for any suggestions on where to go and stay. This would be for approx 5 days fishing for Halibut and Salmon. I would like to stay at a lodge that provides everything for you like fishing gear, rain gear, fish processing and good meals. I have looked at websites from many different lodges and they all say it's the best place to fish. I am looking to stay at a nice lodge (not to crowded) not to far from the fishing grounds plus fish mainly four per boat. There may be 4 of us going(all family brothers). I requested information from some lodges that I found on the internet. Here are some of the lodges I looked at Elfin Cove lodge, Shelter Cove lodge, Dove Island lodge, Tanaku lodge, and Fish masters Inn. This is probably going to be a once in a lifetime trip esp. when the wife takes a look at the cost! Any help would be appreciated. I cant wait. Any info about these places? If you know of any other places I should be looking any help would be appeciated. Thank you

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    A trip to Alaska is not cheap, if you want to go first class you are going to pay. If you want to save some money plan it out yourself and rent a RV. You can fish a few different places and get to see the beauty of Alaska.

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    Instead of doing the all inclusive lodge, look at going somewhere and staying at a B&B. Most places will have a kitchen for you and they can suggest good charters. A typical B&B in Kodiak runs around 100.00 a night for double occupancy compared to 3500.00 a week per person at a lodge. Compare a five night stay and five charters at 250.00 a person. Lodge rate is 15,000.00 and doing it yourself 6,000.00. The only meals you will incur are dinner at 100.00 a night bringing your total to 7,000.00. At this savings you can visit twice.

    Your planning early enough that you can do all your own research. Just remember everyone you call is the best in the state.

    Check out; go under the business tab and look up B&B's. Every town has website like these.

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    Another option would be to book a boat that will be "all inclusive" and can take care of all the details. I've seen rates advertised at around $2500 per day for up to 4 or 6 people. That's meals, lodging, the fishing charter... everything but the beer and airfare. I'm not naming any names, but there are some significant discounts that can be had on this sort of thing... take 20-25% off advertised rates, and you'll have a good compromise (price wise) between the two.

    I've run plenty of trips out to Elfin Cove and over to Sitka in the last few years. Last year I had a few groups that didn't want to stay on the boat, so we rented rooms... actually, we rented rooms at some of the lodges that the OP mentioned...

    I fish along side the boats from Elfin Cove Lodge, Eagle Lodge, Tanaku, etc. all the time. If you're looking at something in SE, any of the lodges in Elfin will do a great job, although I was a bit disappointed one time when I was a guest at Elfin Cove lodge and they served fried pork chops for dinner... kinda expected seafood, but I guess my expectations were off.

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