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Thread: Electric boat motor for inflatable

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    Default Electric boat motor for inflatable

    I have a 9 foot inflatable for my Sea Runner 220. I used the inflatable quite a bit last year while bear hunting, but got tired of rowing it around everywhere. I think I'm in the market for a small electric boat motor that is lightweight. Can anyone give me some insight on using an electic motor on my inflatable? How long will a typical battery last? Would you recommend a super small (2.5-3 HP) gas engine instead? The light weight and the lack of noise of an electric motor sound like a good choice. Any suggestions, please? Much thanks.

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    Default I'd like to know also.

    A couple years back, probably longer, I saw a electric motor with battery on it. It could be recharged from a 12volt power source such as a cigarette lighter plug. Now that I want one I can't find anything about one.

    Any hints?

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    I would really like to try one of these electric motors:

    $1700 is a little rich for my blood though

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    The lightest affordable one I can think of is the Minn Kota w/27lbs. of thrust ($110 @ Sportsmans Warehouse). The shaft is shorter than other models and worked well on my 10' Zodiac. Battery life is extremely variable but I can say w a blue top Optima you can get 10 hours at trolling speed and about 3-4 wide open. You can always have it charging off of your big boats system so you shouldn`t have any issues with run time.
    I have a 3.5 Tohatsu 4-stroke (42 lbs.) that I use as well but the smaller 4 strokes are fairly loud and still won`t get a small inflatable on step.

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    Default Minn Kota

    Thanks AK2AZ. I'll go check it out.

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    I could be wrong here but I beleive that not all electric motors are designed for use in the saltwater. I am also not so sure that your boat motor will recharge your tolling motor battery near as fast as you might think. Imo if you were planning on using the setup daily on a multiday trip you'd be better off with a small gas moter. A 6hp motor will put one person on step and a 10hp motor will put about as much weight as you want on step in a 10' zodiac. With that said, if your thinking electric then a 2hp motor would be plenty of juice to do what you need and I believe that you might be surprised with how quiet the newer motors are.

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    I have a 4hp electric that pushes great and is very quiet. The drawback?...Is it is 24 volt and requires two 12 volt batteries.


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