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Thread: big Lake snow conditions

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    Default big Lake snow conditions

    Has anyone been to Big Lake? What is the snow like there?

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    I went to Nancy Lake just before the last big snow fall. Very rough trails with minimal snow. The lakes all had gotten real warm, then froze solid. It was about 0 out when I rode. Not a lot of fun...but then they got about a foot more snow on this rock hard base...I would bet it is really nice now
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    Question Any Grooming?

    Does anybody know if they have done any grooming in that neck of the woods?
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    I think it was the week of the 17th that I saw the groomers out on Big Lake Trail 5/6...It was evident they dragged the groomer over the system in the succeeding days. I've not been out since Saturday 1/26. Dam work ruins everything
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    Default conditions on 1/26

    It sucked, the smaller lakes all had massive overflow from the previous weekend when it warmed up to 35-40, then the meager amount of snow they received on Thursday(4 inches) didn't do much to overcome the wet slushy stuff.

    The iron dog trail was bumpy and not groomed very well, and really not much snow for this time of year.

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