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    I am new to bear hunting. While on a chugach sheep hunt last year, I saw several black bears roming the hillsides. Is it reasonable to think that I may find them in the same areas in the spring?

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    yes its pretty reasonable
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    Well, yes and no. If you're asking if you're likely to see them within the same general area, then yes maybe. If you're asking if you would see them on the same hillsides, then no, not very likely.

    Bears are where the food is. During sheep season they're eating berries on the slopes. During the spring they will heading for the first green vegetation found near their dens, which may not necessarily on the same slopes you saw them during sheep season.

    It's possible they could den several miles from where you saw them when you did. Go back in there early in the spring and plan on spending some time looking around.
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    Default Usually

    Usually the bears will be out on the southern exposures where the grasses start growning first. As Alasken stated, this may be miles away from where they were in the fall. The last of the fall berries are usually on the northern slopes.

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