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Thread: Atigun Pass

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    Default Atigun Pass

    I know a guy who shot a Caribou recently just North of the Atigun Pass. I was condiering going up there from Fairbanks in February. I know it will be cold and inhospitable but still something I am serious about trying. Has anyone been up there recently or this time of year in the past that can offer any advice? Also has anyone been successful this time of year taking Bou around the Dalton HWY, specifically near the Pass?

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    BRWNBR had a thread on this a week or so back. I will try to find the link for you.

    long story short it's VERY cold VERY inhospitable, and VERY nasty.

    I believe folks said the 'bou normally hang out around Coldfoot at that time? This is understanding that caribou are never where they should be and couldn't care less what you and I say about their location, behavior, etc.

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    AKhunter3 - Thanks for the thread, I went and read the posts. From the sounds of it, it will be cold and expensive. Its not that I am crazy or dangerous, I just really want to kill a Caribou and won't be here this Summer/Fall. Thanks for the information.

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    Default Dalton open?

    Im sure this has changed but i belaive the Dalton was closed within the last week. I bet its nasty. Hillbilly

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    Default Do you need to kill something NOW?

    If you have to kill something right now, why don't you go kill some wolves? where were you this past caribou season? obviously you didn't want one then...hmmm...must not be getting any sun.


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