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    Cool trail rmk

    does anybody own a trail rmk?? if so how do they do in the powder and how do they do in the mountains?

    any info would be appreciated thanks

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    Default trail rmk

    I own a 2003 trail rmk. They do great in the mountains if the powder is only a foot deep or so with a solid base underneath, but in deeper powder with the 136 track and 550 fan you will find yourself full throttle all the time to stay on top. Don't get me wrong, I've had some great trips with mine but know it's capabilities. It's a combination trail and compromise mountain sled. If your getting a sled for just the mountains, I would go more horsepower and longer track especially in mid winter when the powder can be bottomless.

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    Default Trail RMK

    I have a 500 RMK. I think my 500 has a 1.5 inch track instead of the 1.25 on the Trail RMK, and the 500 has a liquid instead of a fan. My sled has more power and probably gets around a bit better than yours. It has limits, but if you are a good rider you can get around. Breaking trail is tough, but it's light and easy to turn. I still ride my 500 despite having an 800 RMK.
    If you don't spend much time in deep powder or in the steep hills, you'll be fine. Honestly, I'd just bet a bigger RMK, or a REV Summit.

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    It is a capable sled, but has its limits on how steep and deep you can really ride it. Buy an '04 or newer if you decide on one. For the money spent on a used one I'd spend it on a 600RMK, owned one for 4 years. Finally sold that one and upgraded to an '08 600RMK Raw.
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    does anyone kno how a freestyle backcountry handles in the mountains and powder??

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    Default 550 Rev Summit

    One of the Snowmobile magazines (SnowWest?) recently did a comparison on the fan-cooled sleds. Their opinion was that the Rev was the better for the powder/mountains with the better chassi and skies. I've also read several articles comparing the Back Country against the Rev...The Rev seems to always come out on top as well.

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    Default agree

    I've had one since 2002 that I still run. Actually use it for trapping. The best sled I have ever bought. It is a combo sled for sure. You aren't going to be doing the Arctic man thing with deep powder snow, but you can have a good time in lesser places! I use it for breaking trail, hauling loads, etc. It has been the BEST machine I have ever used. It is tempermental with -20 or colder temps due to icing up, but with a few modifications, you can end those. For it's money, it is a good machine. The newer models ride much nicer than my 02. There is no way the polaris machine ride nicer than the skidoos. I sure like how soft the skidoo front suspensions are.

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    I've got an 07. Its ride is a rodeo compared to the REV chassis, but it's a simple, proven design. It's light, ample power, and one thing I like about it over the REV chassis is the trailing arm. Do a little research and you'll find quite a few people talking about hooking a ski on a REV and doing major damage. My brother is one, he hit a hidden stump last year with his,got tossed, didn't think much about it. He got back to the machine and one of his A-arms was ripped off the machine. He was not happy, he had 37 miles on it at the time, about $1200 to fix it himself.

    They made some improvements to the engine in 07, Nicacil cylinders, different porting. I know alot of people that had problems with the older 550's(burning up motors) and these changes are suppose to be the solution. We'll see.


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    Default new rmk

    My dad has a new 06 trail and we burned up the engine after 300 miles. They took it in and basically it got a 2007 engine with the nickasil cylinders and the first trip out this winter, it burnt up again! I am picking it up tomorrow with the new 2008 engine in it. Hopefully this one will make it through!


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