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    I'm in the market for a new Kenai River Boat and was hoping I could get some of your opinions. Why is the Willie Predator so popular and what are some good substatutes. I've been fishing there for several years from a 16ft Jon and am looking to upgrade. Any opinions on the Hewes Craft Openfisherman? any and all Coments would be great.

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    I have a 1996 Alumaweld 20' open skiff. When I got my cabin down there I asked around, and was told that this is what I needed for fishing kings. I am starting to look to move to a boat with a windshield, such as an Alumiweld Stryker. There are few days when it is really comfortable running without a windshield down there. The Preditors are Really expensive. If you are looking at something in this class, I would look at the Fish Rite as well.

    If you are on the water guiding all week, I am sure the best possible boat makes sense, but for personal use, these seem a bit over the top unless you are really into the Kenai.


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    Default boats...

    The willie predator is very open and easy to maneuver when fighting a king, helping others on the boat, etc... It's the open design and lots of room that make them popular, as a friend of mine owns one and just loves it.
    I have the Alumaweld Stryker, (with a windshield, fixed seats, control lines to the motor, and other obstructions), and it's a great boat but could be a pain if a king wanted to circle the boat in a hurry while your 3-4 other friends are on board.
    With the Willies, the rods are in the gunnels, his seats are easily moved according to how many people on board, and the tripping hazards are minimal on the deck. Plus, its wide and stable when the crew leans over the side to look at your fish or dip a net.


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