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    Default 250 Ackley Improved

    Finally got my Savage 99 back after 2 mos. I had it rechambered to 250 Ackley Improved. My gunsmith tells me that his chambers are at minimum specs. So tight that I cannot chamber new factory rounds. He tells me that if it were a bolt and not a lever it would chamber just fine. I went through my loading cabinet and found 30 brand new factory cases. They will chamber but very tightly. Should I load these up to factory specs to fire form the cases or?


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    Default Nope

    Sounds BOGUS to me. I've never had a AI chambered cartridge that wouldn't accept the parent cartridge and fireform it to the AI chamber.
    The 250 Savage AI is said to be the best of PO's improved cartridges.
    I've also never had a lever gun Improved but,I would tend to believe that
    a chamber is a chamber regardless of rifle type.
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    Default gunsmith

    where was this guy located,
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    Bogus is right. I'm curious if he set the barrel back before rechambering, or just how he managed to make it suddenly too tight to chamber a factory round. Even if you manage to fire those factory loads, at the very least you're going to be faced with getting a small base sizing die to have any hope of seating them after the first firing.

    His "minimum dimensions" sound more like a worn reamer to me.

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    Default 250 Ackley Improved

    Quote Originally Posted by ironartist View Post
    where was this guy located,
    Lander, Wyo

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    Default .250 Ackley Improved.

    I am solidly with BrownBear on this one. I have had a few AI rifles, including one made in Ackely's shop. Factory cases should chamber just fine. I have even heard the "tight chamber" described as a "target chamber" (lucky you!). I think it is a worn reamer and the excuses are bogus. Demand a proper chambering job. You paid for it, you should get it! I had this happen once, and had all kinds of problems with low velocity and excess pressures. Get him to make it right!

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    Default Bolt Action vs Lever Action Chambering

    Due to the nature of the actions, bolt actions can exert more force to press a cartridge into the chamber than most lever actions. The leverage available in a bolt action is just more than a lever action has, despite the name.

    Try the same thing with a falling block. No leverage at all.

    If you buy into the "Target chamber" idea (which might not be as bogus as it may sound), perhaps just polishing the chamber would improve things enough to satisfy you and be safe as well as provide the "magic" of the tight, target chamber. Would it be worthwhile to have a cast of your chamber made and measured? If the chamber really is undersized, it would be like using the wrong cartridge in a gun.

    Caveat, a very tight throat or neck might cause overpressures. Maybe a dumb question, but did your gunsmith test fire the rifle and inspect the cartridge for signs of overpressure?

    Good luck.

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