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Thread: Where are all the Ice Fishermen??

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    Talking Where are all the Ice Fishermen??

    I am just currious as to why I don't see much posted about ice fishing on here. I don't know about you, but ice fishing is a way for me to get my fix while waiting on the summer runs start up again. I can't seem to get many updates on area lakes and how well anglers are doing. Let's start sharing our information with each other on the hot spots and what hardware is bringing in the bag limits.

    I'll start...

    I fished Finger lake Sat and Sunday in the biting wind and sub zero temperatures. Once I got my Fisherman 3 ice shelter up in the wind I was ready to go home. But I got my holes drilled through 21 inches of ice and got set up. I had not luck what so ever. Barely a nibble. I used pink shrimp on a single hook spoon. I tried different paterns and sizes, and still nothing. The biggest kicker, is that I loved every minute of it. Just being out there doing what I love and sharing the experience with my two young daughters, passing on the legacy.

    So, with that, I would love to see more reports from other ice fishing enthusiests. Let's see where this take us. Cheers!

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    Default Ice Fishing

    I did OK earlier in the season catching bows, and char in the mat-valley stocked lakes. Then got the Pike bug, and have struck out twice. Once at Nancy Lake, and once at Lynx Lake. I have not given up yet, but need to study my topo maps some more to get a better idea on water depth.

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    I'm chomping to get bad these dang projects are staring me hard in the face. Just about ready to varnish the canoe......finally (buildign a cedar strip canoe that seems to have become a life project).

    Have two more projects I need to have done by Apr....though I'll definatly get out for some hardwater fishing, hopefully here soon!

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    Default Most of us Ice fisherman are at a different Website

    Check out
    This is where most of us hardcore ice fisherman hang out. This place has too much politics and complainers than I like to see. Once you get on the website click on FORUM and go to the alaska site, there is a lot of good info on this site. I fished Lynne lake on saturday with another buddy from iceshanty. We caught 6-8 char with the largest about 18". We also got a single rainbow 12-14". Sunday I fished Canoe lake and Irene lake in the Kepler Bradley lakes. No luck at canoe, and half a dozen small char 6-9 inches in Irene. Good luck, I will post more ice fishing reports as the season wears on.

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    It's been too cold to fish here in the Interior lately. I haven't been out for about two weeks because I've been trying to finish up my 8x16 ice house and get it out on the ice. If it sits in my driveway too much longer, my wife has plans to use it and will start getting here garden stuff together and putting her starter plants in her newly built nusery because of the wood stove and the 2"s of blue foam in the floor and walls and the rv windows for light.

    Like SalmonMan said we are on a different site.

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    Yipper we are here, nd going tomorrow for pike if'n I'm lucky. But, like the others I get my ice fishing fix at the shanty.

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    Default Went out Saturday

    Decided to try Hidden lake with my new Eskimo Quickfish 2. Wanted to get the 3, but they are sold out. I have had a Polar Escape flip out for a few years, but I find it klutzy compared to the Quickfish...

    Anyway, it was a cold sucker! It was 10 below on the lake, and we were the only ones for most of the day. We had a Mr. Heater going, but the holes would still ice over quickly. My son brought up a nice laker but lost it right under the ice. We saw another lurking every now and then, but seemed uninterested in our offerings of shrimp, eggs, herring, or kokanee heads. Yes, there were numerous kokanee schooling around under our holes, but they were soft biters and we had large hooks for bigger fish, so we only iced five.

    Hidden only has about 6-8" of ice on it under about 6" of snow. No truck traffic as in past years. But this is not unusual due to its depth, upwellings, and wind action.

    I love Hidden. I seldom do well there, but the place is unique among peninsula lakes in that it has clear water, native species, and beauty (and sparse #s of fishermen).

    Having had a bout with the flu, it was nice to get out on the ice again and exercise my new license.

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    Went to Finger Lake 2 weekends ago. No bites using large bait or jigs. Switched to salmon eggs and small hooks about 2' under the ice. Caught about 20 small rainbows. 5 to 6 inches. The kids had fun. Plan to try it again today and hoping to catch something a little bigger, but will have the salmon eggs ready.

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    We are all supposed to be at finger like right now.


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