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    So what factory ammo for a .357MAG (Colt Trooper 6" barrel)for bear defense? It was my dad's duty weapon years ago and I think my wife could handle shooting it. I carry a S&W500 but I want her to carry as well, just in case. Well, I am asking what ammo for a Glock 21 .45 ACP? The only reason I ask is that I carried that gun for over ten years on-duty and feel very very comfortable with it. It has never failed me and I shoot well with it.
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    Federal makes its premium handgun line with a 180 grain CLFP (Cast Lead Flat Point). When in AK I load my .41 with their load in 250 gr. SWH in Anchorage carried the .41 load.

    Please note the story about the bear getting to the guy even after being shot several times with heavy rifles!

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    Buffalo Bore makes a 180 gr hardcast bullet that would be my first choice. It depends on the gun, though; my little sp101 is uncomfortable to shoot with anything but light and medium loads.

    I do carry a .357 magnum with me sometimes in the woods, but only in areas that are known to not have any grizzlies. Some islands in the Southeast are like that.


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