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Thread: Ackley improve a Sako

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    Default Ackley improve a Sako

    I would like to get opinions about getting a sako stainless lite 30-06 ackley improved. A friend several years ago had a blued rifle, make not remembered, it was a good shooting hard hitting long range elk rifle. You guys with knowlage what do you think. Being stainless what is the chance of a gunsmith galling the barrel removeing or replacing onto the reciever. And what about pressures would the chamber deal with the different pressures?
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    There should not be a problem with what you ask. There may be two others though that you did not ask about. With the sharper Ackley shoulder, it may not feed properly without alteration. If your rifle has been shot alot, the chamber lead may be hardened and the reamer may chatter. If it is new, it will rechamber fine. If fired a bunch, it may rechamber fine. Good luck. J.

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    I don't know much about the actual steel used in the Sako rifle barrels but I'm sure it will handle the task.

    To rechamber to the Ackley version it does require the barrel be removed and set back in order for the AI version and the standard version to have the same headspace dimension. They do use the same headspace gage. If you run into a smith that says other wise, go somewhere else. Also, any good smith with the correct reamer should be able to do a good job with any barrel whether C/M or S/S.

    I have ample experience with various AI'd calibers including the '06 and it does add a little zip to the old lady. I have an FN Mauser action that was given a new 24" Shilen barrel in the 30-06 AI and it will launch 180 grain partitions at 2900 fps with 58.0 grains of H4350 or 59.0 grains of RL-19. These are not wicked loads for that rifle and the brass last for many loadings.

    I have barreled many Sako actions and a few Mausers in the AI version of several calibers, all fed reliably with no magazine, follower or rail modification, with the exception of one Mauser which need a little work.

    As for pressures....the 30-06 AI and the parent standard 30-06 operate at the same pressure levels, 60,000 psi. You could overload either the standard or the AI version. One thing you do need to know, this is a handloaders only approach and if you are not an accomplished loader it might not be the way to go. Also some might question the real advantage of such a chambering, offering only a modest gain in velocity but I for one have found them worth while if they are in a good accurate rifle. Your mileage may vary and you may or may not get similar results to mine. This is the third 30-06 AI I've had made and I have kept this one for about 17 years because it is such an accurate and fast rifle. It will also shoot the standard 30-06 ammo (all of them will if made correctly) with very little loss in velocity from the standard rifle. When firing standard ammo in an AI chamber the brass expands to fit the AI chamber and you now have AI brass. This is perfectly safe if the rifle is chambered correctly to headspace on the shoulder at the same datum line as the standard.

    Good luck with that one, they can be fun.
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    Just take the money you were going to spend on rechambering and dies and go buy some of the Light Magnum or High Energy ammo that Hornady and Federal offer. They will equal anything you can gain by upping to 06 improved!
    I've noticed on the gun selling websites that the improved version in any caliber results in rifles that are not hot sellers and they usually sell for a hundred bucks or so less than the the same gun in the standard chambering. So you are actually devaluing your brand new gun by doing so!
    Murphy made a comment a little while back that I almost totaly agree with and that is that the only real improvement to the standard 06 is the 338-06. The almost part has a lot to do with Jack O and the mighty 270!


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