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Thread: WAH antler size

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    Default WAH antler size

    Question for you out there that have hunted caribou on a few different herds. Just wondering about the size of the WAH bull's antlers's.??? From the pictures I've seen in the past of Mulchatna bulls, and those coming from Canada, the majority of the WAH bulls seem to be smaller? Does that just happen to be the ones I've seen, or are the WAH bulls significantly smaller. Not looking for a B&C bull, but something of good size to put on a wall (hopefully) if I go on a WAH caribou hunt. Thanks.

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    Default WACH caribou size

    This is an example of what you can expect when hunting WACH. This is not a huge animal but a nice one and it was taken in 07. The best thing about hunting WACH is you’re willing to do the work investigating where to hunt and get away from the crowds bulls like this is the norm not the exception. I have 3 pages of nice hunting pics most from 07 clients on my web site for you to low at.

    Let me know if you need any assistance.

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    Default WACH bulls

    The WACH (Western Arctic Caribou Herd, for those who don't know) has a generally poor representation in any of the records books. There are some theories as to why, but this is the bottom line. That's not to say that there are no "book" caribou up there, it's just that you're gonna have to look at a LOT of caribou before you find one, if at all.

    The happy hunters up in the Arctic are the ones more concerned with having a good time and finding bulls that look good to them. If you're looking for a record book head, better look elsewhere.

    BTW, Walt, your photo didn't post-

    Hope it helps!

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    Default Photo 2nd try?

    Thanks Mike> Here is a sample of a nice but not huge WACH bo from 07 hunts,

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