The Czech 82- Not a bad little popper!

Most of the CZ-82's I have come across have been in good shape. Lots of holster rash but otherwise functional. They are kind of a ugly little black gun. But the rumors of them being totally dead nuts reliable, accurate and simple to operate had me wanting to try one. A summary of features- double action, ambidextrous safety, 12 round double stack

Found one at the gun show. There was three on the table, all came with a issue holster, cleaning rod, 2 12 round mags and a little green rope wich is the issue lanyard.

The 82 uses polygonal rifling wich is said to give higher bullet velocities due to reduced friction from lesser surface area than traditional rifling. Reduced bullet deformation and drag for increased accuracy/range. Longer barrel life, and reduced buildup of copper or lead. It looks smooth and is hard to grasp the concept.

The gun fires the 9x18 makarov round. Currently selling for 14.00 for steel cased russian silver bear per 50 to 20.00 for american eagle brass stuff. Pretty pricey for such a dinky round. When I bought the pistol I was under the impression that it sold for 7.00 per 50 just a short while ago. And it probably did too, but thats another rant.

I only fired 50 rounds of the silver bear hollow points at the range. It was pretty cold out and my hands were starting to sting after fooling with my cap and ball revolver for an hour out there.

Function was flawless. The empties flung about 10 feet out. Accuracy was pretty decent. I was getting about 2 inch groups at 10 yards. Im sure I could do better with warm hands and a broader selection of ammo.

Trigger pull was not bad, some creep but smooth and fairly light. even in double action mode its smooth and light and is not that difficult to maintain target aquisition if you wanted to start shooting with the hammer down.

My only complaint from this gun was the stiff recoil and sting that was delivered after each shot. I was really suprised by this. The grips seem to fit my hands good. They are nice and wide due to the doublestack magazine. Ill give it a go some more when we get some warmer weather.

I really think this would be a nice carry pistol for someone on a budget or someone looking for a no nonsense weapon that is easy to conceal, operate and is reliable.