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    Looking for info on anchoring in Mirror harbor then walking over to White Sulphur Hot Springs. How long of a trip is it to walk there and how is Mirror Harbor for setting the hook for the night.

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    Hey, where are these hot springs? "Where" meaning what part of the world are we talking, Alaska, BC, Washington, PWS? Never heard of any up here except Laird, Circle, Chena. Are you talking about Alaska?

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    Default White sulphur springs

    Thanks for the info. I was hoping to chat with someone who had anchored at mirror harbor as well. Meyers - The spring is on the west coast of Chichagof island about 25-30 miles from Pelican.

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    You can anchor in Mirror Harbor, but I haven't personally left a boat there overnight. The trail starts there, it's about 1 mile long. Bertha Bay is not very good to anchor in. You're pretty exposed to the swell ALL the time and it's fairly rocky. If you can get into Mirror, you've probably got it made.

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    Roger that!!
    Thanks Burton

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    I've anchored overnight in Mirror Harbor. It's very protected, and if you set your anchor well, there's little to worry about. The trail is all the way on the north end, inside a tiny little cove.


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