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    Default HONDA RANCHER versus FOREMAN

    I am intersted in buying a Honda Rancher 4x4 and from what I have read it will do almost any chore you ask of it.

    My question is what advantage is there to the bigger Foreman 4x4 and the bigger yet Rincon.

    Also, are there there any disadvantages to the bigger machines.

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    Default Advantages/disadvantages

    Four months ago I purchased an '07 Foreman and it has done everything I've asked of it. I have been skidding trees and hauling firewood with it, I'm not sure the smaller Rancher would be able to do the same tasks. On the other hand, I have a daughter who loves to ride and got the machine stuck before I installed a winch and she was done til my wife got there. A lighter machine would have been easier for her and her friend to rock out of the hole. So I guess it depends on what you will be asking the machine to do and who is going to be riding it.

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    I have a 2008 foreman, I have the Power Stering option. I dont drive it like I stoled it or beat it. But I think it handles like a smaller machine.
    I had a 1986 foreman and it was lighter and it was smaller in size. I like my new one more mostly for the power range and the way it handles,
    I have never riden a Rancher so I cant say much about them.

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    It all depends on what you want the bike for.
    The rancher is a work and play machine. It will plow snow like there is no tomorrow, pull a load, haul gear, and zoom around the trails. The Foreman will do all of the above but will pull a heavier load, haul more gear but is not as nimble just do to its larger size and heavier weight. The rancher is also fuel injected so you will have easier start-ups in clold weather.
    The Rincon, which is what I now own, is more of a trail machine than a work machine. It handles the trails like a cadilac on the highway. It has one of the best rides out of all the ATV's on the market today. It does not have a low range or a locker so it does not pull as well as the foreman and with its softer suspension the handling is somewhat more effected by a heavy load (this is what most people say but I have not had a problem with it). The Rincon is also fuel injected and starts easy no matter what the temp or altitude is. I love my rincon and would highly recomend it. I also loved my rancher and would recomend it too.
    You can't go wrong with any of the three. It all depends on what you want it for and how much you are willing to spend.

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    If you want the ATV for work I would go with the Foreman. Until last year I used all Ranchers in my business (165 of them from 1999 to 2006). I put a season on the machines then sell them. Never had anyone call back with complaints. Some machines in the bush have over 10k miles on them. For 2007 Honda redesigned the Rancher to be more of a toy so I went with Foreman 500`s. They worked very well and I will stay with them until there are some negative changes. I lead my groups with a Yamaha Grizz 700EFI with power steering. I would not give up this ride for anything on the market at this time but if your pulling a trailor load of moose it hard to beat a dependable Foreman. If you have any other questions you can call me 694-4294 in Eagle River
    Ride ON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tim

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    Default Honda Rancher

    I have on 05 Rancher. I use it for about everything and I probably overload and abuse it. It runs fine and always fires up for me when I need it. I personally like the new 08's with some of the advances they have. I don't think you can beat a Honda.

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    Default I have both


    I Have An 06 Rancher For My Wife And An 05 Foreman For Myself. Both Machines Are Rated The Tow The Exact Same Amount (850 Lb). I Cannot Notice Hardly Any Difference In Power Between The Two. The Rancher Is Much Easier To Handle On The Trail And Steers Much Easier Also. My Foreman Has Dual Shocks On The Rear Axle And The Rancher Only Has One. That Is The Main Difference That I Have Noticed Between The Two. We Are Also Selling My Wifes Rancher Because She Is Due In About A Month. If You Would Be Interested Let Me Know!!! I Don't Think That You Can Go Wrong With Either Machine Though. I Wouldn't Ride Anything Else.

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    Default I Have both ( Bought brand new)

    Bought an 06 foreman for me, then the next summer bought an 07 rancher for my son and hunting partners in camo. Both are great machines, I use both for hunting and just riding around for fun. im 6"1 and 220 my son is 10 years old. I bought the foreman for the lower gearing (than the rincon my dad has,which i drive once in a while hunting with him) and the lower price. However-I love the power to weight ratio the rancher has, I steal it from my son all the time to ride , its more fun to ride, and just more snappy and responsive because of the lighter weight and FI.
    Foreman Pros-1.good price2.great first and second gear3.pull a meat trailer better4.
    Rancher Pros-1.great price2.more fun to ride3.very responsive4.Goes everywhere the foreman goes.
    If I were you I would look very hard at the new rancher. with some ITP mud tires and a winch you can go alot of places and save some money.
    But if your a hardcore moose hunter and always pulling a trailer you may want a more powerful engine than the 420. (in my opinion) I think you get the most for your money with the new rancher.

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    I own an 04 ForemanES and the wife ahs an 04 RancherES, the differences I have note between the 2 are:
    Rancher has snappier acceleration.
    Rancher is easier to throw around on the trail.
    Rancher goes farther on a tank of gas.
    Rancher handles like a dream on trails.
    Foreman can handle more weight.
    Foreman is geared lower for better traction and pulling power.
    Foreman can switch from 2 to 4 wheel drive.
    Foreman has 3 headlights for better night driving.
    So it all depends on what your going to use it for, we use our for trail riding and accessing hunting areas. We really like them and wouldn't own anything else.


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