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    New member here, experienced hunter. My partner and I are thinking of going north to the Coleen this fall. Any information on hunting pressure and experiences-good or bad- would be appreciated. Or alternatives. We don't intend to float, nor need a tropy bull. We're there for the new experience and some meat. I've read Mr. Bartlett's review from several years ago in the directory but am looking for more recent information.

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    Although i've not been there, thats an expensive meat hunt, good luck.

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    I almost booked for the coleen but I didn't like the air services reputation (hint: Frenchy) so I am not going. I heard good things about it, and although hunting pressure has increased over the years it's still sounds like it holds a good population of moose/caribou, and you will probably be successful. It was a little expensive but definetly a remote area.

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    If you do it I would use Wrights. It is an expensive trip but would depend on where you start. They have a few put in and takeouts.

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    I did this trip five or six years ago or so. Floated the upper part of the river. There is a good gravel strip where the pilots put people in. Some get dropped off there without rafts and hunt caribou. We floated. Saw people, but it was not "crowded." Does have some regulars who hunt it. Got really cold when we floated it. Snow, slush in the river, had to have fires every night. But, I'd say it was a good trip. Good chance of seeing caribou in the upper part, if they cooperate. Not a lot of moose, but, as with other remote areas, some big bulls are around. It wasn't a cheap. You can float a long way on that river. My advice would be not to float too many river miles, or you'll be doing more paddling than hunting. We ran into a number of hunting parties that did not see any game, but don't know how hard they were hunting.


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