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Thread: Paxon this weekend

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    Default Paxon this weekend

    Hey guys,
    I'm headed to paxon this weeken to try my hand at some predator calling and some ice fishing. I'd like to get some sort of line on some lakers through the ice. can anybody line me up with some info on where to fish on any of the lakes that are close to there. We were planning on hitting paxon lake but if you ahve a better suggestion I'd love to hear it. I've got all the gear for it, just don't know which spot might put me on some fish and where i'm totally wasting my time. Also any ptarmigan seen from anyone that was up there recently?

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    Default Fielding Lake

    Just between you me and the fence post Fielding offers better lake trout fishing. Not as many tress or or cover for dogs however good bird hunting as well.

    Just food for thought!


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