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Thread: Need info on Kenai trip

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    Default Need info on Kenai trip

    We are planning a trip to kenai in august.We will rent a motorhome in anchorage and spend a week on the kenai fishing. i have been to the kenai several times but always in june or early july. i understand the silvers and pinks run in august.if we come early, like august 1 will the silver run be good or is it better later in the month?

    also we will be taking a halibut trip out of homer any suggestions on guides?

    any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    The silver run will be better in mid to late August, but the sockeye will still be there in decent numbers in early August. If you'd rather catch sockeye, come early...if silvers, come later.

    As for halibut, you may want to consider Ninilchik/Deep Creek instead. The charters there tend to cost $25-50 less than Homer charters.

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    Default Kenai in August

    There will be good fishing in August on the Kenai. The pinks will be in toward the end of the first week, the silvers will be starting in the last week of July but, as Brian indicated, will be better toward the middle of the month. The Kasilof should have some good silver action in the first week of August however.

    Sockeye will still be going strong on the lower and middle during the first week of August. Hit the Russian after that.

    Of course, Seward and Homer will be prime time for silvers in the first week of August. For halibut in Homer, finding a guide is as easy as finding a guide on the Kenai. There are many, many quality options. Here are a couple: Ninilchik Charters, Blazing Reels Charters, The Fish Connection. Other options are Deep Creek, for which I would recommend, hands down, Chihuly's Charters.

    Good luck

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    Default Silvers at the Bird...

    You might want to check out Bird Creek on the way out of Anchorage. If ADF&G has done a smolt release years prior, they could very well be coming to the Bird on the incoming tide.

    The access is fairly easy, and plenty of room to park your motor home.

    Watch the goo if you are fishing the mouth where the creek empties into Turnagain Arm, and be sure and shift your feet as you stand.

    Bird was always one of my favorite first stops as I worked the Seward Highway down to the Sterling Highway and onto the Kenai.

    Too bad the Bird Bar burned so many years ago. Now that was classic Alaska...

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    I started my trip the first week in August last year. We started at the Kenai and Russian River area for Sockeye then drove to Valdez for silvers. We diid see a few silvers at the Bird on last days of our trip. The first week of August is a little early for good silver fishing but there is still some good pink action around.

    I still like to fish the Combat Zone by the Russian River, nothing like a few nice Reds.


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