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Thread: Trigger for 788 Rem.?

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    Perhaps one or more of you good fellows could tell me where to get a good, adjustable trigger for an old 788 Rem rifle. I have a 788 in .22-250 that is superbly accurate with loads it likes, off the bench, but it is hard to shoot in the field. The factory trigger breaks at 8 lbs., and I know it would shoot much better from field positions with a 2-3 lb. trigger. This time of year, I like to don my snow camo, gather up my calls, and look for bobcats and lynxs, but the darn trigger pull throws me off, which rather takes the fun out of it.

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    Default Rem 788 Trigger.


    I put together a Remington 788 in 7-08 for a good friend of mine and I ended up having my gunsmith work over the trigger to get a good clean 3 lb break. There not the same as the mdl 700, no external adjustments if I remember correctly. If you wanted an adjustable trigger I would replace the trigger completely, but that's more money. I've used timney triggers in the past and have always been pleased with the results.


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    Here is the Timney replacement trigger for 788's.

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    Default Rem. 788 trigger.

    Thanks guys for posting the links. I will probably order a Timney trigger from Brownell's. I see they sell them for quite a bit less! I have a Timney trigger on several rifles and they are superb. I recently moved and don't have my catalogs unpacked yet. In fact, I'm not sure where they are. Thanks very much!

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    Keep that Timney site tabbed. There are great installation directions, wherever you by the trigger. Funny the Brownell's price is lower, cuzz they're usually among the highest priced on anything. Makes me wonder if you could ferret out a much lower price with a little searching.

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    Default Rem. 788 trigger.

    Thanks, BrownBear! I will look for the Midsouth site and see if they carry the trigger for the 788. If they do, they will probably have the lowest price, but if I recall, their stock is usually limited to whatever the public buys the most of. Thanks again!


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