Does anyone have any good loads for 7.62x39 using a 165 or 180 gr pill that they would like to share? I've been working up loads for my CZ 527 and have found that it doesn't mind .308 bulelts at all. In fact, it kinda like them, and heavy ta boot compared to the standard loadings available.
I've been working with IMI cases, H4198 and a 180gr Nosler bullets, and have loaded my way up to 21.5gr of powder (started at 20gr and going slow). I load them long, 2.35" oal vs the spec of 2.19, and wouldn't put these in an AK or SKS. In my rifle (with my trigger finger) I'm getting about 1 1/4 inch groups, wich is just a bit tighter than I get with Lapua (1 1/2ish inches) or others. I expect that I may be able to get up to around 23 or 24 grains if the case will hold that much, and it should push around 2000ish fps.
Other suggestions for powders? This round is never going to be a thumper, but that is one of the things that makes it fun Heck, next I think I'll try my hand at some subsonic rounds and see how those work out.