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    Does anyone have any experience with the Tikka t-3 Lite in ss chambered in 300 wsm?

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    I've got a Tikka T3 SS in .300 WSM, but due to not wanting to break in the barrel at temperatures less than about thirty degrees, I have yet to shoot it. I'm definitely looking forward to the day I do shoot it though.
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    I have one and love it. It shoots really good and the recoil is not bad at all.

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    Default Best Loads

    450 Hunter

    Which load does your rifle like the best. Especially interested in 180gr loads.

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    It's become my all-purpose hunting gun. Moose, deer, caribou, bear.

    The stock (synthetic) could be better, but that would raise the price.

    Mine likes Winchester ammo with the 180 grain Failsafes (first and only ammo I tried), but they don't make that ammo any more.

    For the money, it's an excellent gun.

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    I have that exact gun. Used it for 4 seasons now. It is very accurate, .5 groups are fairly common. Mine shot factory 180 grain failsafes great then I got into reloading. My main load is 70 grains of RE-19 with 180 grain Sierra Game Kings, shoots real nice. Actually, it seems to shoot 1" groups or better with most anything I feed it. In 2005 I shot a sheep, moose, and 2 caribou and all literally dropped in there tracks. I lightened the trigger as far as the set screw would allow (2.2 lbs) to help my shooting. I think it's a great gun. No complaints so far. I would like to get a better stock for it like a McMillan or HS precision but I don't believe they make them for the Tikka. I painted mine a brown camo. Oh, I did put a limbsaver recoil pad on it because I do think it kicks pretty good with hot loads. It seems to have alot of barrel jump, a sharp kick, which I think is consistent with the design of a shortmag cartridge? It's tolerable but it belts you pretty good in my opinion. But, how could a 30 cal magnum in a light gun not kick! Best of luck if you decide to get one.

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    I have one also. Great gun. Not the prettiest thing, but it is a very good all around gun to use. Top it with some good glass and you will have a great hunting gun.

    In the first couple months I had my T3 I shot close to 150 rounds. Winchester Power Points in 180 grains shot the best, but nothing was far from a 1" three shot group.


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