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Thread: Snowshoe rentals Anchorage

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    Default Snowshoe rentals Anchorage

    I need to rent 2 pairs of snowshoes for a weekend (like picking them up Friday night or Saturday night returning Sunday night or Mon AM)

    One men's adult pair and one pair for my wife who has size 2 feet......

    So I'm not sure if that would mean she needs kids snowshoes??

    We're not going "back country"....... just traipsing around 5 acres we have down on the Kenai but I figure it'll be fun to try out and it probably beats post holing around all day

    I have several years wearing military snowshoes (20 years ago) but I understand the "new" ones are much "better"

    Any advice on what and where to rent would be much appreciated!!!


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    Default REI or AMH

    Check out REI or AMH. I think that either one of them would rent equipment.

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    Default Rentals

    Here's a link to a story in last Sunday's Daily News...

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    that's cute.
    what's better? having all your gears, i mean buying stuffs or just rent from some resorts?

    the way you's just the way you are
    cross country skiing is a skiing terms I hate.


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