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Thread: Bivy for sheep???

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    Default Bivy for sheep???

    I know there is some info in the archives on this but just wondering what you other sheep hunters recommend. We are looking at the Black Diamond winter, Integral Designs, or O.R. Will be used as primary shelter to try to lessen weight (no tent) Any thoughts appreciatted!

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    Default Bivy

    I have the Black Diamond Winter Bivy, but mine is for the situation where I need to spend the night up on the mountain & not as primary shelter for the hunt. It wouldn't be my choice as primary shelter.

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    Default bivy

    I've used the OR delux for my primary shelter for sheep and goat. I use it with a wiggy's bag. I love the combo together. Expect some condensation on the inside especially if you get in it wet or damp. That's where the wiggys comes in handy. I've never had a leak. I don't have any experience with the Black dimond or integral designs. A friend of mine has the bibbler and OR. He likes the OR better.

    Now, most of the time I carry a two man tent, sierra designs clip flashlite. When split between two guys, the tent weighs less than two bivys. It's a lot more comfortable. Plus, I have a dry place to store my gear and change my clothes. Or maybe I'm just getting old...


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    as a primary shelter think of the BD Sabretooth OR tak the lighthouse and have a full convinient home for only a few gramms more...

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    Default bivy

    i too have the black diamond winter , but use it more for survival and not a primary shelter. i would want something more weatherproof for that roll.

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