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Thread: Valdez halibut advice

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    Question Valdez halibut advice

    I will be in Valdez last week of August, buddy has a 30 foot cabin cruiser, but this is his first year fishing the area, so far he hasn't had much luck finding halibut.
    Any advice on where to find fish would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default halibut Valdez

    Just drift the uneven terrain around Naked Island--look for gravel bottom and while someone is doing that, hang over a Silver salmon mooching rod. Shoud be a busy day!

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    Cool Halibut Areas

    I have had sucess off of Naked Island, off the marker at Bligh Reef, and Seal Rocks but I don't know if you guys want to run that far. The price of fuel may make you want to find some closer spots. If you have trouble finging halibut the slivers will be in then.

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    Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to post our results as soon as possible.
    We will be fishing from boat for a few days and spend two days traveling to Kennicott -McCarthy for some lake/river fishing.

    If anyone has suggestions for fishing that area I would appreciate your two cents worth...


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