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    I just got a new fly rod and simms gortex chest waders and want to try all of it out. I go on a week long fly fishing trip in september/october and want to test it out. I was wondering if anybody knows of any rivers or lakes within 3 hours of anchorage with good trout fishing right now, or when it will be good. i would prefer not many people, but that is hard to find these days.

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    i bought the 'highway angler' book, but it wont be here for a week or two. Has anybody read that book before? Was it usefull? Thanks for any replies.

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    Try quartz creek just above Kenai lake. It is easy to get to, walk down the banks and you should be able to see the Dollies under the spawning salmon. There is usually very few people there and will keep getting better as the year moves on. Good luck!

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    Thanks, I'll look into that.

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    I'm partial to the Kenia National Wildlife refuge lakes on the Canoe Lake trail system. There are also some lakes that feed into the East fork of the Moose River that can be accessed just ouside of Sterling that offer some great fishing. I've always fished them from canoes, but no reason not to use a pontoon boat, or simply wade out from shore.

    Then there is always the stocked lakes in Anchorage you can hit in the evenings.


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