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Thread: what do you think of pedersoli?

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    Default what do you think of pedersoli?

    Saw this over at dixie gun works
    Thinking this might be the new small game gun for me!

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    Boy I really hate to comment on this.

    I have the dixie pedersoli 10ga double. Bought it brand new from dixie last winter.

    First and foremost I hate to complain but for a new gun these things shouldn't have happened.

    First, had to replace the junk nipples.

    second, had to rework one trigger

    third had to rework the hammers on one barrel to get it to fire consistently.

    After all this it does shoot nice..patterns pretty decent for a cyl bore and improved cyl...still working on the perfect load but I'm close. Has killed a turkey and a handful of roosters this last year down south.

    There are some cosmetic issues with it also. The biggest one, is the side plate was recessed to much leaving an overhang of wood. Needless to say, crawling around the kansas farm fields I tore hunks out of that overhang....unsightly for sure, but not desaterous.

    This is my one and only experience with dixie or pedersoli. My dad has had great luck with dixie over the years.

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    I hope TradBow's experience doesn't reflect a trend in Pedersoli products, because they've long enjoyed a solid rep among muzzleloaders. The only beef has been the price, but with Dixie's sale price that issue is resolved, I think.

    Cabelas Blue Ridge rifles are actually the Pedersoli's Frontier Rifle. Lots of those around, and they're highly regarded. Pedersoli's Frontier Carbine is the same gun with a shorter barrel. My hunting pard has one of those in 50 cal, and it's going to cost me money sooner or later. Its handling and balance are terrific, almost like a high grade double shotgun in fact. I love it! Worse yet, when my wife shot it she got a gleam in her eye and we almost had to tackle her to pry it out of her hands so the guy could go home. You can get a lot more details on the Scout and others, as well as much better pictures at the Pedersoli site.

    I haven't handled the Scout Carbine, but I'd be prepared to like it a lot based on my prior experience. At a glance the only difference from the Frontier is the brass furniture. I'm such a big fan of small calibers and small game hunting, that kind of seals the deal for me.

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    Default Kodiak double

    I been very happy with this Kodiak, yea 86ed the nipples for hot shots. but after that keep both shots inside a copenhagen can @ 100yds. I bought from Cabelas in 88.

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    There is a very interesting articele on blue ridge pedersoli rifles, and some of the problems encountered in the January/February 2008 issue of Muzzleloader magazine, page 72-74. The part I found most interseting was the internal breach design which appears to have given the author ignition problems follwing wiping between shots..


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