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Thread: Situk River in May

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    Default Situk River in May

    I will be fishing out of Yakatat on the Situk river for steelies May 11-17, was wondering if anyone from that area could tell me when that run usally peaks and starts to taper off. Sometimes its hard to get that info, when there trying to make a living at keeping people in the lodge cant say that I blame them, but would like to know where we will be hitting the run. Thanks for all who help.

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    No fish in that river, its barren of fish completely

    (I'll be there the 7th through the 14th)
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    Default mid- may

    Good Part = crowds are gone! Most of the serious steely fishermen have left and there are "NO FISH"

    Bad Part= Spawning! Nothing like fighting a fish only to release it, and realize as you go to unhook it that it is oozing milt or eggs, makes you feel kind of guilty, if you are one that cares about the fishery at all.

    best advise I could give for that time period is to fish only in the deeper holes. fish will be paired up spawning all thru the shallows. Very easy prey as they are very aggressive in that stage of there lives and will attack anything that comes close to them. use your head and try to protect the resource!

    Real early for any kings, but they should be stacked up in the bay !

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    Default Good time to GO

    Last year the run peaked Mid May to early June. It was weird/ late. April was cold and snowey, looking the same this winter.... snowing right now. I know you'll have a great time and get plenty of fish!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the weather is good for you.

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    Default Situk? Steelhead?

    I went end of April, 1st week of May last year and did not have much luck

    Going to try it at the same time this year 28 Apr thru 8 May...hope there is more fish in the river this year...

    I heard Gene Simmons is going to be in Yakutat about the same time??

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    Default Thanks for the help

    Thanks for the help, will be moving the trip now dont want to miss the huge crowds of people And cant, stand fishing deep pockets of water for spawned out old sore backs Im not looking for fish that bite if I can see them I can hookem Rip bounce bounce Rip Just kidding thanks for the info hope to meet some of you while Im up there. Have a save winter, see you in the spring.


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