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    Default Best aluminum boat

    I am looking for an aluminum boat and motor for river and bay use. I am thinking 14 or 16 ft. and 15 to 25 HP for reasonable fuel economy. What brands would you recommend and what motors.

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    lunds are very popular in alaska waters and have a good reputation. get one that has high sides if you plan on taking it out in the salt. lots of options out there though. smokercrafts are pretty popular as well.

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    16' Alumacraft Xpress jon with a semi-v bow and 25 hp 4 stroke Yamaha w/electric start. Absolutely love this rig; it's got factory added rear sponsons for extra floatation, raised diamond plate deck, long storage box along one side, 2 swivel seats. I think you'd want a boat with a deeper V for ocean use, but this boat with the 25 scoots pretty well. Electric start not needed but it came with it; would be nice to have because of the battery, you could add a bilge pump, radio, etc.

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    Default klamath

    Take a long, hard look at the all welded line of Klamath boats. My first boat was an 18' center counsole Klamath. I loved that boat! Very functional and affordable.
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    14/16' is REALLY minimal for salt water. I'd go at least 18' (it won't be that much more $$) and you will feel much safer.

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