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    Default automatic jetting

    Why don't snowgo manufactures build automatic jetting into their machines? I have an 07 yundra 300 and AKMDS told me that they set up all their machines for sea level at -20f, and it covers most of alaska. I live in valdez and my machine has been running really bad with these warm temps. The machine is not set up right and I have had problems with it since new. When I asked the guy at the parts counter about new jets he looked at me like I was crazy, AND HE SOLD ME THE WRONG SIZE JETS!

    Has anyone installed a tempa flow? Was it easy? I can change my oil can I put one in? The directions looked a bit complicated. Looking for feedback.


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    Default attac

    What you need is a attac. It compensates for tempature and altitude. The tempaflo only does temp. They are about $300.00. Instaling one is not too bad if you are handy. Most dealers charge about $100.00 to install.
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    I've installed both Tempa-flows and ATACs. I prefer the Tempa-flow for my use. I can adjust it for altitude but I haven't needed to. Talk to some motor heads in your area and see which they prefer. Both are good stuff!

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    Default Tempa -flo

    Put a tempa-flo on a 2002 Polaris Classic, work get for both temp. and altitude. Easy to put on about 1hr.
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