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    Default Bay Air

    Anyone got any experience flying with Bay Air out of Dillingham, good or bad?


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    Default Bay Air

    Someone asked the same question five days ago. Oh, that was you.
    Nobody is going to be able to say anything negitive about them 'cause they are have been a "class flying outfit" for many, many years. All the responces to your previous question were supportive of Bay Air, the owner/operatror, and their air services. If you have more specific questions, perhaps you will obtain more specific answers. So what ydo you really want to know?

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    Default That's pretty bad

    I forgot I already I was thinking about asking but didn't think I actually had. I guess that's what starting night shift and having 3 small chilren does to you. Looked back 5 days ago and found what I was looking for. Thanks.



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