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Thread: Puma rifles

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    Default Puma rifles

    Any feedback on those Puma lever guns, I see they make a 454. Wondering if they are decent.

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    I've had my ss .480 for 3 weeks now and finding it's a whole lot of fun to shoot.


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    Default Puma Rifles

    I have a Rossi Puma 92 in 38 spec and 357 mag. Shoots OK. Never could get the open sights quite lined out. Had to put a small scope on it to be able to shoot with any accuracy.

    You can't lower the back sight enough to keep the rifle from shooting high.

    Did have some firing pin problems with it. Had to get a new one installed. Bought the gun used. Don't know how much it was fired.

    It will knock a whitetail on its butt at moderate ranges. Did it!

    Sure is fun too shoot and a great gun to start a youngster out with.

    I plan on taking mine mountain lion hunting soon.


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    Default .454 Casull in Puma Rifle?

    I did meet a fellow at a gun range who was shooting a Puma rifle in .454. He had his target posted at 75 yds and seemed to be shooting decent groups for iron sights. As the owner of 2 Ruger Super Redhawks in .454, it struck me as a great companion gun. I'm not sure what I would use it for, but if it was a decent shooter, it might be more reliable on black bear than my Marlin .44 mag. carbine. Love that Marlin.

    Anyway, if someone out there has one, I, too, would like to hear some feedback on it.

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    I to love my little Marlin 1894 44mag. I wouldn't part with it and have killed more Missouri whitetails with it than any other gun.

    That being said, the little Marlin falls far short of what the Puma 92 in 454 has to offer for big critters. I don't think Marlin will be chambering their rifles in cartriges operating in the 60,000+ psi catagory any time soon.

    I have a Puma 92 in 454 and could rave about it all day long. They are tougher than heck and should last forever. However there are a few drawbacks. First is the goofey safety lever mounted on top of the bolt. It doesn't hurt anything and is not in the way.. its just butt ugly! Second, the Brazilian walnut leaves a little to be desired. Third and this one is optional and that would be the fragile fiber optic sights. I have yet to see fiber opitc sights on any gun from any manufacture that would be concidered rugged enough to suite me! Get the steel sights to start with!

    Paco Kelly from gunblast. com has a pretty good article on this gun and I agree with his thoughts whole heartedly.
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    Default Puma 454

    I have one of the stainless 92 carbines in 454 w/ fiber-optic sights. I like the gun, it's sure handy and as said earlier, a great companion gun. Would love to take a black bear with it this year. Ditto the safety comments from elmerkeithclone.

    My stock forend cracked in the first 4 shots. I think the holes for the barrel band screw were either too small or misaligned. I contacted Legacy Sports (importer) and they were helpful. Took a long time to get a replacement from their service guy out in VA, and it was the wrong color. I wound up gluing my stock and doing some fitting work, it is OK for now.

    Bottom line - I think they are a good value for the money, but keep in mind they aren't real tricked and slicked, just a fun levergun that can handle the pressures of the bigger handgun cartridges. I recommend it.


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