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Thread: firewood ?

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    Default firewood ?

    Where can I round up a little firewood around the southcentral area? My first year burning wood here-

    thanks for any suggestions

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    I can only speak for the Kenai as "southcentral" is pretty vague and covers a big chunk of ground. There is still plenty of beetle kill that needs to be removed from the central Kenai Peninsula, but it can be a little tricky to figure out where to go. Here is an article on the Kenai...
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    Default Huntress

    I think "Huntress" on the forums here had some she ws giving away a while ago. Might be worth a shot.

    I cut all mine from bettle kill and stuff that is laying down. Split 5 face cords up on Saturday and stacked on Sunday.

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    Default thanks

    thanks guys- I am shure enjoying having a woodstove again-

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    Default Next Summer...

    start looking on Craig's List under the "free" stuff. Lots of people just want the tree(s) out of their yard. Come fall and winter though, nobody seems to give it away any more. Also watch for new road and housing construction. Lots of times they give that away.


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