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Thread: Lyman model 1860 army .44

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    Question Lyman model 1860 army .44

    was just given this gun as a gift, wonder if anyone here has any experience with it?
    mostly trying to figure what caliber RB i should try first, as there seem to be about 3 choices from hornady that would all work.
    any 1st hand info? i was thinking 25g of 3f to start...
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    Lyman used their own 1860 Army for load testing in their Black Powder Manual. I haven't shot it, though it has a great rep. They list a .451 ball and up to 37 grains of 3f or 4f. Your 25 grain charge will develop 735fps to 805fps depending on powder brand with 3f, and 817 to 868 with 4f. At max (37 grains) you top out at 1032fps with 3f and 943 with 4f. They also list charges for 155 grain cast conicals, with those topping out at 28 grains of either 3f or 4f and a MV of 885, depending on the details.

    Since Lyman uses your specific gun in the manual it would be good to pick up it up, if you don't already have it on your shelf. Lots of good info on hanguns, rifles and shotguns.


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