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Thread: Lowa Sheephunter question.

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    Default Lowa Sheephunter question.

    How much wider are the wide version of these boots? size 11. Don't have anywhere to try them on around here.

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    Default lowa sheep hunters

    I just bought a pair size 11 and the regular was unbearable I bought them and wore them one day and they killed my feet I went back and got the wides which seem to be just like normal size to me because I have never had to buy wide boots before.If you get them order the wides I dont think you will be disappointed except for the price. Here is alaska they just went up to 380.00

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    If you're not aware of it, you can buy them from and get free shipping even to Alaska and free return shipping for 30 days if they don't fit right. I bought some Lowa Civetta's (plastic mountaineering boots) from them for sheep hunting last year. I got lucky, the last of the boot happened to fit my foot so I kept them. But, the boots came with a return shipping label if I needed to return them.
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    I have never worn a wide in any boot but in the Lowas I do. My sheephunters are wides.

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    My Redwing boots are size 12D and my Lowa's are 12 wides. Hope that gives you a better idea.


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