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    Was wondering if anyone hunts out at the grey cliffs area in north kenai. My family has a cabin out there but we have hardly ever used it over the past 25 yrs or so. We have recently started fixing it up and purchased 4 wheelers so we can start using it was wondering how the hunting was. I have heard stories of lots of black bears.

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    Smile nothing out there

    There is no game to speak of out there, it would really be a waste of time. I would try the Caribou Hills, especially since the burn this past year.

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    Default grey cliffs

    Thats odd, I am seeing quite a bit of moose tracks for there to be no game out there.

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    Given Mntmaster's response, I would double my scouting and hunting efforts around the Grey cliffs.

    Maybe Mntmaster will help you haul your downed 60" bull out of there for a backstrap....

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    We have a cabin out there, also. (18 years now?) I have run that right-of-way in/on most everything that has an engine, both on the ground and in the air. I have hunted and hunted out there and now my kids are old enough to go. I will take them out there through out the summer for fun and spring for black bears. But in the fall.........I wont be anywhere near. In the fall the highway is lined almost to the Swanson River bridge with people "hunting". There is good news though. There is more parking now! --- just what we needed. (can you sense the sarcasm)

    Granted there are a few bulls that come out of there, but wouldn't you expect that with 300 people hunting the same strip of land. LOL

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    I guess your right, Sorry for the comment Martintrapper. I do love ya man!!!



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