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    Is the current strong in the Little Su?
    Can I go downstream in my 17 foot drifboat and power back to the ramp with my 9.9 Honda ok?
    Hike faster. I hear banjo music.

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    Have you even thought about drifting down from the parks highway to burma? Any rate I see guys with small square back boats motor up. You should be okay, no faster the Kenai.

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    Default drift

    Yes I have.
    Two reasons I won't tomorrow:
    1. 12 hour drift not including fishing, I want to fish for maybe 6 hours, I'm taking a friend and his wife and two little ones
    2. From the reports, the best fishing sounds like it is below the boat ramp

    I am going to go tomorrow morning, but I'd like it if someone can describe the situation, whether I could do that ok or not.
    Hike faster. I hear banjo music.


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