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    Here is the latest Etec results just done last week on a 26 SSP. They were very pleased with the Etecs and have several guides using them now on their boats. One just switched from a Honda 150 on a 23 AK II, Eli had 2 previous Wooldridge boats with Honda's with over 3000 hrs on them combined, and the Purple (previous pics) 23 SSD with a 200HO jet is the test boat on one of the reports, Tom Nelsons boat.

    They were able to plane the boat on one engine,no trim tabs. Then they loaded 1500lbs of water in drums and guys in the boat and still were able to run 26mph on step with one engine, they only lost 1/4mph on this test compared to the first test run. They said the Etecs had more power and were quicker out of the hole than the Yamaha 115's they have used in the past.

    I also have numbers on an Alaskan 17 if anyone is interested with a 115 jet.

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    I wouls like to see the 115 Jet data. Thank you


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