I just purchased a used Carl Zeiss Diatal (not au Jena) 6 x 42 rifle scope with the rails on the bottom for $100. It is an older scope probably made in the 60s or 70s but is in excellent condition and the optic are quite good even compared to some of my newer domestic scopes.

Unfortuantely the rail mounting system appears to be common in Europe but never caught on in the US. An outfit called EAW in Germany apparently makes all sorts of neat mounting systems for rail mounting scopes but I can't find anyone in the US that even sells them and I can't read or speak German. I would like to mount this on my early 50s vintage Merkel drilling but I don't know if claw mounts were standerized by then or not.

Does anybody know of someone that can give me a hands with this situation or should I just give up and sell the scope to some European on EBay?