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Thread: Barnes XLC bullets

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    Default Barnes XLC bullets

    Barnes has discontinued their XLC (blue coating) line of bullets. I have a load in one of my rifles that especially likes these bullets and would be interested in purchasing any that anyone might have that they do not want to keep. I am looking for .308 180 grain either flat based or boattail. Thanx

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    Default You could coat some bullets yourself.

    Another option to consider would be coating some of the newer bullets yourself. A friend of mine just started coating his rifle and pistol bullets, and he said the process is super easy. I haven't been over to his house while he's doing it, but he showed me the end result. The bullets have what looks like a shiny clear coat on them although I wonder if he'll end up adding color eventually.

    Because this is so recent, I can't say how the performance has been yet. Just thought I'd offer this as food-for-thought. One of my brothers is in the same situation as you (but for a 7mm). However, he still has hundreds of rounds loaded.

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    Thumbs up I have some

    Shphtr, I just checked my reloading shelf, and I do have a box of XLC 180 flat bottoms. I didn't count them, but it looks like it's full or pretty near full. I doubt that I'll be using them. PM me.


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