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Thread: looking for tips on catching camp food fish

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    Question looking for tips on catching camp food fish

    i'll be on the koyukuk river between evensville and hughes doing a float trip for moose and bear hunt. i was hoping to find out the best lures to use and maybe what channels to fish off, so i can have some camp food through the trip

    responses much apprecitiated, happy hunting!!!

    ps any hunting tips for the area would be helpfull, this is our first float hunt!!

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    Default fishing the Koy

    PM me I just got back last fall. We bagged two moose
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    Default Some helpful links...

    Not familiar with the area myself, but here are a few links that may be helpful. In the NW Alaska rivers I have floated, we did good on dollies and grayling with orange, pink, and gold spinners. Best sizes for us were 3/8 ounce Panther Martin or Blue Fox Vibrax spinners. 10-12 lb line. I would expect good fishing where any feeder creeks enter the Koyukuk for sure. Deeper holes have always held fish on our trips. Some Mepps XD (deep) spinners may be good to have in faster water for getting down deep in the holes. Some of our biggest dollies (char) were caught right on the bottom. We did very well on the lower Noatak tribs in these types of water. If you will be fly fishing, shoot me a pm or email.
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