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Thread: HUnting Survival kit, Whats in yours

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    Default HUnting Survival kit, Whats in yours

    was wondering what you guys carry in the way of a survival kit, especially winter time snogo, ice fishing , what ever .....

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    A knife on my belt, a knife somewhere else. A lighter in dang near every pocket of my coat and pants. These are the only things I carry religiously.

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    In winter I still carry lighters but they don't work when it gets real cold! Get a bunch of waterproof matches make sure everyone has them on their person and some stored in your gear. A camp ax or folding saw is another good thing to have but I often leave it and just carry a full tang knife.

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    As long as the lighter is kept warm by body heat in an inner pocket, they'll work in the cold. Just don't take it out until you are ready to light your fire. Wrap rubber band around the top to hold the button up and put the lighter in your inside pants or shirt pocket to keep it warm.

    My snowmachine stuff consists of a cellphone, GPS, spare set of lithium batteries, maps of the area, magnetic compass, waterproof matches & lighters, wax fire starter, tool kit for the snowmachine (basic tools, electrical tape, duct tape, bailing wire, zip ties, spare plugs, spare belt, etc.), extra socks, extra winter gloves, insulated leather work gloves, wool watch cap, small set of aerial signal flares, road flare, small ziploc bag of precut orange flagging tape sections, 100' of 550 cord, 20' length of 1/2" kernmantle rope, and 2 small flashlights (LED mini-mag & a small halogen streamlight). I think that's the most of it (just going by memory here). Got lots of room on a snowmachine to carry all these extras, so I like to keep a lot of stuff in the trunk and under the hood. This doesn't include all the stuff I'll throw in my backpack that is particular to the planned trip.
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    Default emergency gear

    Sat phone, PLB, GPS, compass, VHF radio, etc.

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    Default old post...

    There was a good post similar to this a while back. It is at the bottom of this forum if you back out and scroll down. Here is a link. Lots of good info (with pictures) found here...
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    This is a few things I carry when I go snowmobiling along with several self rescue items.
    Your comfort level will depend on your skill, temperature and terrain.
    * Items will keep you alive if you have gas for the stove or can keep a fire going.
    A long time ago I needed to make a fire for lunch, after 30 miles we gave up looking. I now carry a MRS stove.

    Cigars Lighter * 2 ea. 5x hotter than a lighter, piezo starter.
    Fire Starter 6 ea. Trioxane, heat water or start fire, very hot.
    Road Flares * 3 ea. Signal for help day/ night, also starting a fire.
    Saw * 1 ea. Cut fire wood or brush for a bed, safer than an axe.
    Head light * 1 ea. Adjustable focus has a spare lamp.
    AA battery * 8 ea. Minimum
    Big Plastic Bags * 6 ea. Sleeping bag, rain coat, fill with snow to make shelter.
    Tarps/ ropes * 2 ea. 9x11 and 6x6, shelter.
    Shovel * 1 ea. Build a snow cave or a Quin-zee.
    Knife 1 ea. Swiss Army knife.
    Book * 1 ea. Staying Alive in the arctic, an excellent survival book.
    Metal pot & cup * 1 ea. Melt snow for drinking water, Drink hot water to warm you.
    Stove/ siphon * 1 ea MSR, will works at any temperature.
    Food GORE, Nuts, Cookies, Candy Bars, Pepperoni, Cup of soup,
    Lipton Rice. Food that does not freeze.

    Added Items First Aid kit, Duct Tape,
    TyVeck Bag 1 ea. Sleeping bag 2#
    Big Candle 3 ea. One candle will last 2 hr. The light will give a comfortable
    feeling, save battery, keep you warm. Place Aluminum Foil
    around candle to keep wax from dripping.
    Socks 2 pr. Dry socks mean no frostbite feet.
    Gloves 2 pr.
    Long John 1 pr.

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    The above posts have about covered it! I love the road flares, gross motor skills to ignite and if you can't get something to burn with a 20 minute flare, it probably won't burn!

    I would like to mention though.... When on my snowmachine I carry ALL the essentials in my backpack and not on the machine (including my Lifelink shovel). There may come a time (survival situation) where the machine is sitting in 10' of water or gets sucked under the ice in a river or falls off a 1000' cliff (you get the point) and you are left standing on the ice. If the essentials are on the machine you are in deep doo doo. Have the survival gear on your back when snowmachining or in an easily accessed container if in a boat. The survival gear does you no good if you can't get to it.

    I had to laugh at my buddy (after he had laughed at me about my backpack...) when he stuck his snowmachine handlebar deep nose first into a wind drift and his shovel was neatly strapped to the clutch cover under the hood. I pulled my shovel off my backpack and told him he could rent it, but it would be expensive!

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    Default My all around kit

    First Aid:

    Gorilla tape 1" role (better than band aids and stays completely dry too! Works like duct tape)

    Large surgical pads

    CPR mask


    Tylenol or aspirin

    ACE Bandage

    Gloves (surgical type here, but in the survival portion gloves and a hat may be appropriate!)

    SAM splint (foam slpint with metal core, bendable)

    Super Glue (single use tubes)

    All in a heavy plastic bag. The idea is to carry less and be able to do more with it, the above list has stuff that can be used for more than just first aid and anything that is too big, like the surgical dressings, can be cut to size. I am an EMT and have done search and rescue training, most stuff in a store bought kit can be substituted easily and more practically, the idea is to patch someone up until you get them to help and to only do what you are qualified to do. Minimal gear in my opinion is needed to accomplish this.

    Survival gear:

    Petzl Elight (just got it, it's a headlamp with a 10 year guarantee on shelf life!)

    Knife (not rambo but not key chain either)

    Zip saw

    Lighter and or matches and or flares (even 1 flare could save your life starting a fire or signaling for help. I have started wet drift wood on fire with a simple road flare.)

    Mono cord (50 ft. you'll want enough but your not climbing everest)

    signal mirror

    water purification tablets

    fish hooks some line split shot and maybe a few flies (this is alaska there are lots of fish in lots of places and it doesn't take much room, emphasis on some flies, bait can be scarce)

    Garbage bags (2-4 heavy black ones can do alot of things for you in a pinch)

    Instead of a space blanket I got an emergency bivy, it's like an instant tent that fits in the palm of your hand.

    Not all of the above are essential, pick and choose for the day or the trip but it is easy to pick and choose and pack it all into a large nalgene, then you have a water container as well. You can trick out a kit yourself and add exactly what you need for less than $100.

    Remember, if your not trained in how to use something it may do more harm in the field than good so learn first aid, cpr, signaling etc. before you need it.
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