A book that would SELL:

- Kinda like the Shooter's Bible, but for powders
- Comprehensive (as in ALL) list of available powders in the (western?) world
- Each powder in the table has several columns, including a thumbnail of a grain of the powder ...all photos at the same scale.
- Columns include info like known components, burn rates (on a fixed scale), powder density, etc.
- Cartridge by cartridge average volumes (in separate tables obviously, possibly separate sections by manufacturer ...using published volumes from them)

- Articles by experts in the field (powder discussions, crimps, bullet construction versus loading techniques and chamber pressures, powder development histories and comparisons, etc etc)
- Republish every year.

At least this is a book that I'd buy, and I'd buy a new one each year. The only place that I see some of this is in truncated lists in some reloading manuals and in some books on reloading ...but I think that a book on powders alone would justify itself. Those other sources always seem to leave out one or more key pieces of information ...like powder density. Man, I Googled all over kingdom come to try to find the powder densities of Titegroup versus Trail Boss recently and I couldn't find diddly squat ...and my books/manuals don't give the answers either ...just generalities "slower, faster, lower density ...or density not mentioned at all, etc. I want numbers and photos man! Graphs! Quit with the blah blah blah opinion papers...