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    Exclamation NONRES Moose hunt help

    I've spent the last two weeks doing some research on moose hunting in Alaska. I've researched Alaska's Dept of Fish and Game website and this website. I have a couple of units in mind but need more help. I'm looking for a unit with good moose numbers and bull to cow ratios. I don't have to kill a 65inch moose. I would be real happy with the 50in bull. I'm looking for a unit that doesn't require drawing a permit. I can fly-in, float or jet boat. I would also like a chance at taking a black bear or caribou but my first concern is a moose. There will be two of us bow hunting and we're nonres,. Thanks for the help.

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    Default Ak hunting

    I was in your very shoes back in 2004. If I can make a recommendation to you just call Larry Bartlett 877-716-4366 . I cant say enough good things about him & his service, he will give you a solid plan that can lead to YOUR success. Trust me it will be the best money ever spent on your task of hunting AK. I have continued to use him every year since & will do so this year as well, tha man is just really good at what he does. There is another choice that post here a lot & goes by Lost Creek Company. I have considered him, but am having trouble finding people who have used his hunt planning services. Feedback is also scarce on this type of service provided by him. He does seem genuine though in the help he offers here.

    LCC company & LB both advertise here so give them a shout & it will help make you planning a lot easier & hunt more enjoyable.

    feel free to pm me if you have any questions I have done this a few times & would be happy to share me experiance with you. Larry can be reached here

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    Default Lost Creek Company or Pristine Ventures

    I'd really recommend getting help from Michael Strahan at Lost Creek Company or Larry Bartlett at Pristine Ventures, if this is your first hunt in Alaska - there are just tons of factors that play into hunting AK, that you don't see in the lower 48.

    One of the earlier responders mentioned that he hadn't found many references for Lost Creek Company....there's a valid reason, Mike is a long-time guide but only started offering the outfitting service in the past couple of years. If you want to get an idea of the value of the info that he would provide, just search the archives here and read some of his past posts, and see the detailed info he has often provided for free. That should give you a good indication of both his knowledge and his willingness to help guys have a good hunt.

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    Default Tough decisions

    It is possible that you could find all three species in one trip, but if you are truly after moose you may have to look at areas that have few black bears and caribou. Not very many people will give away a favorite moose spot or even a unit. In 2002 I planned a successful trip for my brother and I. We both harvested a 50" plus moose and a decent bull caribou. To do this we used a fly out service and flew to two different units out of one central location. All in all we spent twenty-one days in a very small tent and we were rifle hunting. It was an awesome trip, but I don't know that we would have been as successful with archery equipment. I am an accomplished archer and don't think I would have had many good shots with my bow at the caribou--especially the few decent bulls that we saw. The caribou herds in general are declining, but are on a down cycle. There are plenty of animals still available in them and some of there migration routes have changed and become less predictable. Bowhunting for caribou will be tough, but the key to the moose hunt is the location. If you PM me I will give you some more detail later when I have a chance.

    Good Luck,


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    Default Float Hunt Ideas


    Lots of factors to consider here...

    Your experience level is very important; can you handle a little Class II and possibly even some Class III? That will open some possibilities for you that are overlooked by other hunters.

    It is possible to hunt the three species you mentioned (moose, caribou and black bear) on the same float hunt; I've done it many times myself. But it will really limit your choices. Western Alaska has some great multi-species opportunities. Keep in mind that in most areas of Alaska our moose numbers are down right now. In the past we were looking for three moose per square mile, now we're looking for one.

    I do offer a hunt consultation service if you're interested in that (CLICK HERE to go to my site, then go to the Services page), but if I were you, I'd poke around in the archives here in Outdoors Directory. There's a wealth of info here.

    If you need more info, please drop me a PM and let's talk.

    Hope it helps!

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    Thanks for the post. This will be my fourth trip to Alaska but my first for moose. I'm not looking for a guided or semi guided hunt. My budget is around $3000 not including travel to Alaska. I won't to stay a way form operations that take hunters to the same spots year after year. I will need to rent a boat or raft and that is all. At this point I'm not looking for info on a transporter to use or an outfitter. I'm looking for info on which units have good numbers of moose and bull to cow ratios, that are over the counter. Any help in this area would be great. I not looking for your spot and won't even ask. Just looking for some help on which units to look at.

    Feel free to PM me

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    Default Just my thoughts

    He is probably already booked but you can try, Wright air out of fairbanks has several drop off hunts, around $1K, about an hour south of fairbanks in the foothills of the alaskan range. I think his best camp is Boulder creek. Great Pilot--picked me up within 2 hours of packing out my last load.



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