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Thread: 2000 Xpedition 425

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    Default 2000 Xpedition 425

    I just lost power to my rear axle. Front drive working fine, but no power to the back wheels. I can put the machine in gear, and push it w/o any problems. I also can twist the rear drive shaft without the tires moving. Any ideas as where to start would greatly be appreciated.

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    Sounds like the hidden grease fitting on the drive shaft splines were not getting greased. I've seen two of these strip the splines the last couple years because the owners couldn't see the grease fitting so they didn't know it was there. Both of them stripped out the drive shaft coupler. One of them just needed the coupler but the other one needed that and a pinion. You might be able to get away with just the $41 coupler but if it needs the pinion it will get more pricey This will also be a good time to check the condition of the ball bearings in the swing arm pivots.


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