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Thread: HH Impertech Camo sample.

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    Default HH Impertech Camo sample.

    Was in Barney's today seen the first camo for HH impertech. Definetly gonna be a hot seller. Changed the hood design as well as cuffs. Will be neoprene cuffs instead of old style velcro. Available in August! Good looking camo as well. Stay dry!

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    What kind of camo pattern is it and what is the color scheme?

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    Default camo pattern name??

    Camo pattern. Not familar with name of pattern but reminds of realtree I guess. Good looking pattern none the less. He had the anorak there not the jacket. But same pattern will be on jacket and pants. Slight increase in price.

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    Default Picture or Link

    Does anyone have a picture or link of the pattern or jacket? Haven't been able to find online.

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    Default The HH camo is a copy of the old Peter Storm Buckflex camo 303 rain jacket.

    Back in the late 1980s when Peter Storm stopped producing and importing the Buckflex rain gear into the USA, We (Gary King Sporting goods) started working with HH to developed the camo Impertech. The first group of HH camo Impertech jackets were a camo polyester back with a clear impertech coating and they were too shiny. The second batch of samples the coating wasn't waterproof enough. it took a couple years of working with HH to developed the HH into the current product it is. We (Gary King’s sporting goods) chose this specific camo pattern because it blends very nicely with the Alaska black spruce forests.

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    This is the best picture of that camo pattern I could find
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