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Thread: Dillon 550 and stick powders

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    Default Dillon 550 and stick powders

    Hi I want to load Rl15 for 223 on the Dillon. Anyone have any experience with that powder and the Dillon measure? Anyone have any mods I can do to keep powder from bridging in the drop tube?

    I tried IMR4198 long ago in the press and it just would not work very well. I just drop powder everywehre about every 4th round...

    Ball powders flow nicely, but RL15/Varget/N140 all shoot better with 77 SMK.


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    Default stick powder in progressives

    Stick powders just don't do well in progressives. For best consistency they needed to be metered more slowly which is the opposite of what a progressive is meant for. In the .223, it is worse because of the small diameter of the neck which makes rapid loading even more difficult. I always used ball powders when using progressives when I was loading commercially and now that I'm loading just for myself, I am back to a single stage again.

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    I totally agree. I have a Dillon 550B, and stick powders are just a pain in the tush. Ball or flake powers all the way.
    Now just why in the hell do I have to press "1" for English???

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    Default Ah, progressives

    When I still had my reloading business, I had three Star progressive presses. This was in the mid/late seventies. They were the Rolls Royce of presses. Made the Dillons look like Wal-Mart goods. But, because they were so precisely fitted, if I spilled even a half dozen grains of powder, I had to strip down the base plate and clean it thoroughly. But the sound of those puppies going clink, clank bump every time I pulled the handle was pure music. Just an old fart remembering....

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    OT to the dillon PM;
    but I too have two Stars. I use the 45 extensively. Beautiful machine. The Dillon 1050 is a bit more forgiving for the mechanically disinclined, such as myself. The Star is more satisfyiing for me to use though. Guess i am old school too. That's why I have Swiss watches and Colt pistols too. Another OF


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