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Thread: Lost Rod on Russian River (7/14)

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    Default Lost Rod on Russian River (7/14)

    On Sunday July 16th a friend left a very nice rod of mine sitting next to the fence at the Russian River confluence. It was a 10 wt G Loomis Rod with a very heavy duty Diawa reel. If found please contact me at Thanks!!
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    Default which day was it?

    On AOJ you posted a different date

    ANGLER: willy
    TRIP DATE: 7/16
    REGION: Kenai Peninsula
    WATER: Russian River
    SPECIES: Reds

    REPORT: On Sunday (7/16) my family headed down to the Russian with a really nice rod of mine.

    They left it down by the confluence. If anyone found it please contact me at Thanks!

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    Sorry... the correct date is Sunday 7/16. When family is visiting it seems like all days blend together. The date above has been corrected.


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