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Thread: Calling during a snowfall

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    Question Calling during a snowfall

    I know that falling snow can muffle sound and that predators may be a bit less active while it is snowing, but I'm wondering if it would be effective to call during a snowfall or if it would just be a lost cause. Any experience with this?

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    From what I have read predators tend to den up just before and during heavy snowfall. Supposedly they come out and hunt when the snow stops falling. While hunting my area I have seen a high amount of activity more towards the end of the large storms. Before a predicted storm moves in I don't see as many fresh tracks. It could be a coincidence, or it may not, but I tend to lean towards the conventional wisdom on this one.

    We are supposed to get a few inches of snow this Friday, and it might make for good calling on Saturday. In my experience the animals will be out as soon as the storm starts to die, atleast that is what I have concluded from the minimal amount of snow accumulated in the fresh tracks I have seen at the end of a decent blizzard. If it was a perfect world, and I could control the weather, the heavy snow would decease as soon as I sit my butt in the cold snow with the ecaller set out on the usual pred trails I hunt.


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