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Thread: Elmer Keith commemorative 44 mag

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    Default Elmer Keith commemorative 44 mag

    If a person had one of these that was brand new and unfired should he continue to just gawk at it or should he shoot it?

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    Default Shooting a Commemorative

    If you shoot a Commemorative firearm or even work the action, it immediately loses some value as a commemorative purchased for investment. If, on the other hand, you are like me, I can't stand to have a gun I can't fire. So, the choice is yours depending on why you bought it in the first place.

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    Default Wwed

    That would depend on you. Do you look at everything by how much it is or might be worth some day, or how much the enjoyment of owning something is. How much is your enjoyment worth? If it were mine it would all ready be well used. Just ask yourself "WWED", What Would Elmer Do?

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    Default Shoot it!

    I don't think I could resist the opportunity to shoot a commemorative Elmer Keith gun. The history and nostalgia that goes along with the gun and Elmer far outweighs any desire to gawk at the gun. Maybe buying two is a better option. Shoot one and display the other!

    FYI, if you ever find yourself in Boise, Idaho, go by the Cabelas store. They have a special room set aside in the store for Elmer Keith's legacy. A lot of guns, pictures, animals, and a robotic Elmer Keith who tells some stories are there on display. The Keiths are family friends, and my Dad (a huge Elmer Keith fan) was instrumental in getting Cabelas and Ted Keith together so they could achieve an agreement for the historical display. It's wonderful.

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    Unless you're planning to sell it, what better way to commemorate old EK than to go out and shoot the heck out of that gun. I might even go so far as to put yardage inlays into the front sight like he did, then get into long range shooting with it. ***** the collectors and the horse they rode in on. I'm kinda tired of "collector value" concerns about guns that mean a lot more to folks than just leaving them in a closet somewhere. An awful lot of the big time collectors I've met couldn't hunt their way out of a well lit room, much less find an animal on their own without a high priced guide. They've got the money and the neat guns, but they're sure missing out on the good stuff. Best way to remind them of it is to put some honest use marks on that gun, then pass it along to your grand kids rather than ever selling it.

    Rant over, but take it out and have some serious fun with it. You owe it to Elmer and to your grandkids.

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    Default I saw one in the pawn shop in Muldoon near KFC

    for $500 bucks last year.....shoulda bought it...


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